Saturday, November 05, 2005

name this bad boy

name these and win a free pair... yeah right keep dreamin!

back to the future

some scans from a 1979 adi catalog... aah

thanks andre

Bedroom Rockers

XLR8R’s new book, Bedroom Rockers, Where DJs Call Home, only at Adidas stores... here's a titbit...

"To make Bedroom Rockers, we knocked on the doors of 97 DJs–from the well-known to the newly minted–in five cities: Portland, Miami, New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. Using a 4 x 5 field camera that depicts even the tiniest details, photographer Christopher Woodcock went about capturing turntable set-ups and studios in their natural state, while project managers Vivian Host and Brianna Pope quizzed DJs about their music and their dance moves."

more info here (.pdf)

will you marry me?

this little number is a member of the forthcoming oddity range...

terry fox

Q: what's better than having an adi named after you?
A: having two legs

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jdsports stan smith comfort

jdsports exclusive colourway... where's my frikkin pair?!


gracias autoblog!


yes i do. and i know there are more of you.

i can see you....